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At any given time there are 1,598,316 Adults in Prison the most of any country
at a cost to taxpayers of $67.55 a day
53% of these prisoners are drug offenders
7.9% of drug offenders in state prisons are serving time for possession; 69.4% are serving time for trafficking offenses; and 2.7% are in for "other."
Over 80% of the increase in the federal prison population from 1985 to 1995 was due to drug convictions
States pay approximately $16,846,970 per day to imprison drug offenders
$3.5 million dollars' worth of public advocacy commercials courtesy of the Office for National Drug Control Policy during the Super Bowl alone
Cigarettes kill 430,700 people annually 110,640 die because of alcohol 32,000 people die every year taking medicine "as directed ALL ILLEGAL drugs combined kill 16,926

Something just does not add up!
Make your voice heard and see a fantastic show!

* note this is not my show, I am a volunteer promoter only on this, It is not tied to any other event I am a part of*
When: May 2nd at 12:00 noon
Where: Lafayette Park (North side of White House). From there the march heads to Meridian Hill Park aka Malcolm X Park for a rally and concert.

The MAY 2nd D.C. Marijuana March is almost here! There is no doubt that this will definitely be the best year to date. Marijuana policy has been in the news lately more than ever before. This is undoubtedly an opportune time for reform, we must act now to take full advantage of this window of opportunity we have been blessed with.
We have a worsening economy, tax and regulate marijuana for income!
Mexico is a failing state, legalize marijuana to bankrupt the cartels!
Obama is now our President, Nancy Pelosi (San Fransisco!!!) is our speaker of the House and Gil Kerlikowske (Seattle!!!) is our new Drug Czar. If this isn't a time for action, then I don't know what is.. This situation is unprecedented, we have more looking good for the marijuana movement than ever before. Let's get out there and make our voices heard!

Issues we are protesting: The Barr Amendment, which blocked DC from enacting its medical marijuana law that was passed by a 69% margin in 1998.
It's time to remove the sick and dying from the battlefield of the war on drugs, legalize medical marijuana!
We call for the release of all people incarcerated because of our country's unjust Drug laws. Stop arresting responsible adult Drug users now!
We call for an end to the government's ban on industrial hemp production, open up the hemp industry to create green jobs, reduce our reliance on trees for paper and cotton for clothes. Industrial hemp is a remarkably useful product with diverse applications. Let our farmers grow it!

A Life Among GhostsThe PackageThe New ProfessionalsMark NickensA Life Among Ghosts


</b>from DC's pioneering musical forceBAD BRAINS

NORML guest speaker Sabrina Fendrick
and a speaker from </b>Americans for Safe Access</b> (

Official march leaders to direct the protest

Advertizing teams- If you know of places that will hang our posters (Tattoo shops, bars, pool halls, music shops, porno shops, people's houses, anywhere)then email me to get some posters and go hang them up!

If you can help in any way or have cool ideas that will make our march more exiting, contact us at

If your not in the Washington D.C. Area please check out these websites to find a rally in your area:
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